Thursday, February 23, 2012

tennis experience

I was so pumped!. Room 7 was all excited for kiwi sport. We met Marcel ,our instructor. I saw a pile of rackets , and a box of balls. I was excited. We rushed to grab our equipment. I raced to to a net. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning.

We got into partners. My partner was petelo. We stood opposite sides of the net. We hit the ball back and forth back and forth. I found it hard. I just couldn't hit the ball straight .

It was time to play king of the court. We got into groups. I was one of the first to be king. I was excited. The game started. “Oh no” .... I’m out. I slowly walk back in line. The game was over. I wasn't one of the winners. I was very disappointed .

I sadly put my equipment back. We thanked Marcel. Back we went to the class. I didn’t do very well. Next week I'm going to try harder.


  1. Awesome story Phoenix.
    I think that your vocabulary was awesome!!
    Tennis was cool ah?
    Cool as!!