Friday, September 14, 2012

the birthday present

Once there lived a Boy named Sam it was his 11th birthday his dad gave him a big block of chocolate. then “RING RING RING!” went the phone Sam ran to the phone it was his best friend Mike he called him to say happy birthday.

Then outside there was a dog his name was Rocky Sam’s dog He  smelled the chocolate he ran inside the house found it on the table jumped on the table and ate it all up.

When Sam came back and was still on the phone then He stopped he dropped the phone and fell to His knees and cried “WHO ATE MY CHOCOLATE!’’he yelled and His Dad  came from outside  and found him crying.

that was when his Dad had something planned for him “Son it's ok we’ll get another block of chocolate and you what   guest where are we going” said Dad “where?” said Sam “where going to Rainbows end’’ Sam jumped up with excitement and wiped the tears from his eyes “REALLY!” Sam said “yes where going to Rainbows end” “YEAH THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”.